Iowa currently consists of 2 clubs

Iowa Arabian Horse Association                                                                       
President Jessica Maldonado  
Vice-President Jeff Labertew 515-961-8529
Treasurer Susan Bigler 563-382-2703
Secretary Patricia Sutter 515-222-1838
Membership Chair Patricia Sutter 515-222-1838
Youth Coordinator Angela Balduchi  

Business Address & website
1110 Belle Mar Drive
West Des Moines, IA 50266

Arabian Horse Society of Iowa
This year the Arabian Horse Society of Iowa  celebrates its 40th anniversary.  As many clubs across the nation, our membership has dropped over the years, but we are proud to have maintained our numbers in recent years. Starting in 1988 and each year since we have produced a calendar that contains our member listing plus a listing of their horses, as well as 12 pages of advertising.
Several years ago we were named "Club of the Year" by AHA, and also received "Champion" in the communications category.  (this was in 2003 or 2005, can't find the date) We hold 3 unrated horse shows each year - 2 are two day shows and 1 is a one day show.  Most of the classes are disciplined classes with some fun, trail and game classes and some open to other breeds. There are also special classes, Horizon Classes , designed for beginners or those returning after years away.  
We have a good high point program and our members work hard for their points - ending with a fun Christmas Party/Awards Banquet where highly coveted awards are given out.  At the event we hold a chiness and silent auction with the moneys going back into the high point program for prizes.
We hold a Queen Contest at the last show of the year for a junior and senior position.  The following year, the girls represent us at the Iowa Horse Fair and the Iowa State Fair. We have a web site and members maintain a face book page.  We do a newsletter that is sent to the membership over the internet.  We also use the internet to send news blasts when necessary. Our first meeting of the year is the Scottsdale North Party, a combination board/ membership meeting and social get together (originally designed to be held during the Scottsdale Show for those who could not travel to Arizona).
100% of our members are nonprofessionals  who own and show their own horses in every class they can enter - the poster example of the "versatile Arabian".  They help each other and cheer one another at the shows - great sportsmanship.  A good percent of our horses/riders are class A caliber, but prefer the fun show world partially because of cost.  To date we have 65 members.                                                                       top
President Carolyn Hasbrook TWINBROOK.ARAB@YAHOO.COM  
Vice-President Stefanie Hiebert-Busby   515-966-2384
Treasurer Carolyn Hasbrook 515-292-5009
Secretary Colleen Stowe   515-462-2594
Membership Chair Marge Moffitt   515-432-3376
Youth Coordinator      

Business Address

1398 230th Street
Boone, IA 50036