Illinois currently consists of 8 clubs.

ABU Arabian Horse Club                                                                                   

President Bunny Horner 815-463-0330
Vice-President Kathy Root 708-207-1075
Treasurer Ron Harn 708-301-2671
Secretary Denise Sanstrom 815-472-2847



Business Address
3109 E. Delite Inn Rd
Beecher, IL 60441

Arabian Riders and Breeders, Inc                                                                        top
President Laurie Kern 217-632-2844
Vice-President Karen Jones 309-928-9889
Treasurer Kristine Boente 217-854-8250
Secretary Marilyn Norton 217-563-2487
Membership Chair Susie Wesson 217-999-4113
Youth Coordinator Marilyn Weber  

Business Address & website
16938 Stagecoach Rd
Carlinville, IL 62626

Illini Arabian Horse Club Inc                                                                                top
The Illini Arabian Horse Club was formed by a group of Arabian horse enthusiasts in the south central part of Illinois in 1978.  Some of our charter members continue their membership today.  The Club sponsors one Class A show annually in addition to bimonthly meetings at the homes of members.  Our Club represents its members’ wishes with delegates sent to Regional meetings as well as representation at the AHA annual convention.  Illini also has a High Point program with awards given out at our annual member banquet as well as an annual Adult Amateur award and a recreational rider program.

President Ann Hammer 618-654-2661
Vice-President Jackie DiCenso    
Treasurer Kristin Hammer    
Secretary Kristin Hammer    
Membership Chair Ann Hammer 618-654-2661
Youth Coordinator Ann Hammer 618-654-2661

Business Address & website
12154 Rose Rd
Trenton, IL 62293

Illinois Arabian Horse Association                                                                         top
President Eric Neal 217-257-2993
Vice-President Sheila Burwash 217-379-2901
Treasurer Larry Kissel 309-688-8150
Secretary Larry Kissel 309-688-8150
Membership Chair Barb Carpenter 309-365-8695
Youth Coordinator Valorie Waggoner 309-245-2264

Business Address & website
3242 West Westport Rd
Peoria, IL 61615

The Lincoln Trail Arabian Horse Association                                                        top
President Ann Johnson 217-932-4341
Vice-President Lyn Berry 309-535-2683
Treasurer Ann Johnson 217-932-4341
Secretary Ruth Stewart 217-382-4544
Membership Chair Ann Johnson 217-932-4341
Youth Coordinator Linda R Gates 309-376-2008

Business Address & website
8356 N 150th
Casey, IL 62420

Midwest Arabian Horse Association                                                                   top
President Dhea Lamb 815-332-4939
Vice-President Todd Labuy 815-623-1294
Treasurer Bryan Hollewell 815-255-7296
Secretary Rorie Lindell 815-648-2274
Membership Chair Michael Bell MICHAELBELL1980@YAHOO.COM  
Youth Coordinator Bryan Hollewell 815-255-7296

Business Address & website
3885 Wheeler Rd
Cherry Valley, IL 60152

Northern Illinois Arabian Horse Activity Club                                                    top
President Charlotte Kletecka 815-389-0120
Vice-President & Show Committee Chairperson Laurie Ferry 630-564-9354
Treasurer Debra Duick   262-473-3315
Secretary Candace Larsen 815-861-2180
Social Media & Website Brooke Collins 630-360-0156
Membership Chair Candace Larsen 815-861-2180
Youth Coordinator Brooke Collins 630-360-0156

Business Address & website

7173 Manchester Rd
South Beloit, IL 61080

Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association                                                        top
The Arabian Horse Distance Riding Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the Arabian horse in the field of distance riding and the activities of endurance riding, competitive trail riding, and pleasure trail riding - activities in which the Arabian naturally excels.  AHDRA began in 1978 with a pool of people wanting to promote the Arabian in distance riding.  Since then we have expanded our membership nationwide, annually sent delegates to the Arabian Horse Association's Annual Convention, and sponsored numerous rides and year-end awards every year.  For more information about AHDRA, visit

President Jen Allen 815-303-1958
Vice-President Robin Schadt 708-280-8241
Treasurer Mo Miller 815-382-2449
Secretary Mo Miller 815-382-2449
Membership Chair Mo Miller 815-382-2449
Youth Coordinator Jen Allen 815-303-1958

Business Address & website
14319 Mansion Heights Drive
Harvard, IL 60033-9179