Illinois, Missouri and Iowa

During the 1973 International convention in Boston, Mass, a new Regional plan was adopted by the delegates to International and it was announced that Illinois, Iowa and Missouri fell into the category of Region XI.

The first Region XI meeting was held December 15, 1973, in Quincy, Ill. At that meeting regional officers were elected and the chairman of the Region would serve as a Director on Internationals board. This Regional concept affected all members of International, The Regional President/Chairman , elected by club deletes, would report the interests of his Region to the Board of Directors and Regional meeting would improve communications between clubs. Alfred Gardner was the acting chairman at that first Region XI meeting and Dr. Ewbank , then Vice-President of the Illinois Arabian Horse Association was elected chairman of Region XI by secret ballot and then presided over the meeting. It was agreed during this first meeting that Regional Championship Classes would be held in conjunction with the various state shows throughout the Region each year. It was agreed that a request for the Regional Championship Classes must be made to the Region one year prior to the show by the state organization requesting classes.

The Illinois Arabian Horse Association requested that the 1974 Region XI Championships be held in conjunction with their annual Illinois All Arabian Horse Show in Springfield Ill and that request was granted. The show was quite successful and was held again by the association in 1976.